•  The Infinity Network holds the intentions of:
    • Conducting and promoting open, exploratory culture
    • Free exchange of information
    • Open minded environments that foster and encourage autonomous and passionate collaboration, creation, dissection, debate, & growth.

A tolerant, but non-cowardice brand of thinking.


We are a network that extends far past its members, participants and affiliates.

We are a group of free thinkers who through conversation, experimentation and collaboration promote personal and global conscious evolution.  We recognize the inherent power of information and the creative potential that lies within each individual.  We explore the systems of reality and the unseen to better understand their mechanics and potential to transform.

As a hub of exchange we promote individual research. discernment, and dissection.


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The aesthetics and nature of The Infinity Network have changed over the years in accordance with the peculiar interests and areas of study of  its members.

The network itself has stood over time to serve the function of promoting that which is in line with its mission statement. Be it as an active publishing platform, a silent provider of resources, a point of social collaboration, or the initiating force of projects and endeavors, The Infinity Network has remained a constant node of information injection and propagation for over five years.

Our members, admins, volunteers, groups, nodes and associates carry on with their own work while contributing autonomously and in accordance with their own will, to the growth of this Network.  We see the value and potential of virtual connections and utilize The Infinity Network and its ideals to function as an asset of the new aeon and evolution of human consciousness.

Information About The Infinity Network